Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A touching discovery

This article was passed on to me by one of my facebook friends. It discusses a newly uncovered fossil of a child that would most likely have been severely mentally impaired. It seems that early humans, despite possible limited resources, chose to care for this child.

Every time I see stories like this I am prone to imagine what would have happened to Allison if she had been born in a different time or culture. For many years, even in our own country, children with special needs were sent away to institutions or not cared for adequately. I can't imagine as a mother not caring for Allison or sending her away. It breaks my heart to imagine what has happened in the past to other disabled children.

However, this article is contradictory to that. It shows that perhaps that mothering instinct has been with us for longer than we thought. I thought it was interesting.

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