Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heaven's Very Special Child

We are not a religious family, but this poem (published through the Dear Abby column) really touched me. It was written after the birth of the author's daughter who had Down Syndrome. In many ways it seems applicable to our Rett angels. I have the newspaper clipping on our fridge.

Heaven's Very Special Child, by Edna Masimilla

A meeting was held quite far from Earth.
It was time again for another birth.
Said the Angels to the Lord above-
"This special child will need much love.
Her progress may be very slow,
Accomplishments she may not show.
And she'll require extra care
From the folks she meets down there.
She may not run or laugh or play,
Her thoughts may seem quite far away,
So many times she will be labeled
'Different', 'Helpless', and disabled.
So, let's be careful where she's sent.
We want her life to be content.
Please, Lord, find the parents who
Will do a special job for you.
They will not realize right away
The leading role they are asked to play.
But with this child sent from above
Comes stronger faith, and richer love.
And soon they'll know the privilege given
In caring for their gift from heaven.
Their precious charge, so meek and mild,
Is heaven's very special child."

I am very thankful we have as much as we have to give Allison, emotionally as well as financially. My heart breaks thinking about other disabled children who might be born into less than ideal circumstances.

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