Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a few pictures I wanted to share..

This is Allison in her shower cap. It's the cutest thing ever. I started making her wear it so I didn't have to wash her hair every night. She gets so excited in the tub that her splashes make a big mess!

Alli got a new booster seat a few weeks ago. This one is rated up to 50 lbs with the chest harness which makes me happy. I wasn't ready to let her go to just a seat belt. She is way to wiggly!

Today was picture day at school. She wore her hair in pig tails and a pretty flowered shirt I bought her with her Christmas gift cards. They do such a good job with her every year that her pictures turn out great. Here is last year's...

I am really hopeful that this year's turns out as good! I have to wait until the middle of March for them to be delivered, and since I spent $50 on them I'm hoping that they are worth it!