Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swimming fun

Getting a pool was the best purchase we have ever made. We bought an above-ground pool, which however redneck it felt to us at first has been amazing. It was such an impulse buy, too. We bought it based on cost, but now that we have it, I realized that it is the best choice for us because of Allison. With an above ground pool, I never have to worry about Allison falling in. She darts right to water if she sees it. So in the end, our little redneck pool has been perfect for us!

I posted before about how much Allison loves to swim. We decided tonight that since our pool was finally a decent swimming temperature (81 degrees) that J would take Alli in after dinner. She LOVED it. She jumped around and splashed, laughing the entire time. It was so great to watch her enjoy herself.

Here is a video I took tonight of her in the pool. Do you think she liked it?


  1. It looks like she had a blast! She is absolutely adorable!

  2. This is precious! I think she had a great time! She's such a cutie!!